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About Big Foot
Heating and Air

Originally Established in 2007 as C.R.F. Mechanical

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Furnaces, boilers, air conditioners, water softeners, water heaters, gas lines, ventilation, air purification, humidifiers, water filtration, custom ducting, duct cleaning, Certified family home inspections (CFH Inspections) Service, repair, replace, installation, consulting.

An old proverb I always hung above my door all through childhood.

Be what you is, because if you be what you ain't then you ain't what you is.

Integrity and craftsmanship are two rare traits to come by these days especially when hiring a professional.

While others are dead set on getting a job done without a care of how it looks or functions, we like to better ourselves through consistently improving upon or skills and craftsmanship.

Our Team

A little about Charlie:
“Owner and operator of Big Foot Heating & Cooling Services”

Charlie was raised in the Heating & plumbing trade by his father Ron Fife. Charlie shadowed his father and many other journeyman through the years. He began working on jobs at the young age of 10 and by the time he reached age 12 the upper management began to compensate him as a true asset. The rest is as it were history.

A little about Houston:
“Technician / installer of Big Foot Heating & Cooling Services”

Raised in Mackay, ID and with his involvement in the community there Houston grew up working in many capacities where he obtained most of his skills. Construction is nothing new for Houston neither is mechanics. If it's a challenge to over come Houston takes it like a bull by the horns.

A little about Nuel:
“Technician / installer of Big Foot Heating & Cooling Services”

>Nuel was raised in Eastern Idaho and has always stuck close enough to home to be near family and friends. He has a critical eye and rarely needs a level! With experience in plumbing, heating and low voltage Nuel is continuing to add to the team through due diligence in expanding his knowledge.

Craftsmanship and integrity